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If you remember the days when those old ‘folk remedies’ actually worked, but you have no idea where they disappeared to, or if you’re simply curious to discover some of the old time remedies for yourself, then you’re in for a real treat! You won’t find a more comprehensive book than “Mother's Remedies.” 


Just look at what you’ll discover inside this amazing book:

·    Symptoms and diagnosis

·    Poisons and emergencies

·    Remedies for diseases – including respiratory, skin, digestive organs, kidney and bladder, blood, nervous system, circulatory system, and eye and ear disorders

·    Using herbs

·    Homeopathy

·    Obstetrics / midwifery

·    Infant care

·    Nursery Hints

·    Household hints

·    Cooking recipes

·     Plus, much much, more……

Nothing is left out of this incredible book! 

Are you spending a fortune on prescription medications and suffering the side effects as well?

Have you thought of trying some old time home remedies?

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Take a look at some of the remedies in the book ....



Colds - Molasses-Vinegar Syrup for.--"One-half cup of molasses, butter the size of a hickory nut, one tablespoon vinegar, boil together. Dose: One teaspoonful or less as the case requires. Take often until relieved." This is an old remedy and a good one. 


Sore Throat, Cold Packs, Sure Cure for.--"Put cold packs on the throat. Remarks: Was in Washington once and my little girl had a very sore throat. I put cold packs on the throat the first half of the night and the next day she was out seeing the sights as well as ever." Gargle with very hot water and a little soda. This makes it very effective. 


Baldness, Good Canadian Remedy for.--"Strong sage tea. Rub the scalp frequently. I have used this with great success." 


Measles, Lemon Remedy from a Canadian Mother.--"Give child all cold lemonade it can drink and keep in warm room. This acts just as well as if the drinks are hot. We tried both on our children and cured both ways." Don't give so much of the cold as to chill. The cold drink makes child sweat, just as hot does. Also helps to carry off impurities by flushing bowels, just as clear water would.


LA GRIPPE (the flu) - Pepper, Red or Cayenne for.--"Make a tea of red pepper or cayenne, and take a tablespoonful in a cup of hot water, drink slowly, before each meal and on retiring. Larger doses in proportion to the intensity of the disease." Sponging the face, temples and neck with water as hot as can be borne relieves the headache of la grippe, which is often very painful and annoying. 


Neuralgia.-- Lemon Juice as Liniment for.--"Cut a lemon in two and squeeze juice on parts afflicted and rub in, then place hot cloths over it. I know this will cure the pain." This is very good.




And ‘Mother's Remedies’ doesn’t just cover
remedies for diseases.

There are also household tips



To Restore Freshness to Vegetables.--For the housewife who must practise strict economy, as well as for her who lives at a distance from the market, it is well to know that cabbage, celery or lettuce and their like which have lost the first freshness, may be restored by putting first into warm water, just comfortably warm to the hand, and after fifteen or twenty minutes, you will be surprised to note that it will have the original snappy crispness so much desired. Often the grocer will sell the second day celery and lettuce at half price. The above method will freshen same, and may make quite a saving of bills. 


Old Perspiration Stains.--Old perspiration stains may be removed by applying oxalic acid and water in solution, one part of the former to twenty parts of the latter.  


Paint that Sticks to Glass.--Paint that sticks to glass can be removed with hot vinegar. 


Washing Windows.--It is better to wash windows on a cloudy day or when the sun is not shining directly on them. Before washing, dust them thoroughly inside and out, then wash the woodwork without touching the glass. For the glass use warm water, to which add a tablespoonful of kerosene to each pailful of water used. Dry with a cloth or chamois skin, wrung very dry; then polish with a soft cloth or soft old newspapers.  

Clean Leather Furniture.--A good way to clean leather furniture is to add a little vinegar to some warm water and wash the leather, using a clean soft cloth. Wipe with a dry cloth. To restore the polish, mix two teaspoonfuls of turpentine with the whites of two eggs; beat a little and apply with a soft flannel cloth. Dry with another cloth and rub well.  


How to Keep Cookies from Burning.--To keep cookies from burning on the bottom, turn the baking pan upside down and bake on the bottom of the pan.  


To Prevent Pitchers Dripping.--Syrup or other liquids will not drip from a pitcher if a little butter or grease is rubbed on the edge and under the side of the lip.  


To Make Vegetables Tender.--Cutting onions, turnips, and carrots across the fiber makes them more tender when cooked.  

Want even more tips from the book?

 What about some cooking recipes? 


Creamed Chicken.

1 cup cold flaked chicken. 1/2 teaspoon celery salt. 1 cup thin cream sauce. 1/4 teaspoon curry powder. Prepare one cup of thin cream sauce and season with the celery salt and curry powder. Add the chicken and when heated through pour over slices of toast or into timbal cases. Garnish with parsley. Any desired seasonings can be used in place of the celery and curry. 


Eggs and Cream.

6 eggs. 1 cup cream. 1/4 teaspoon salt. 1/8 teaspoon cayenne. 2 teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce. 1 tablespoon butter. 6 slices toast.  

Put the cream and seasonings in a dish. When almost boiling drop in the eggs and put in the butter cut in bits. When the eggs are poached 


Strawberry Preserves.

Wash and hull the berries, then weigh. Make a syrup by boiling three-quarters of their weight in sugar with water, allowing one cup of water to each pound of sugar. Cook syrup 15 minutes, fill glass jars with the berries, add the syrup to overflow the jars. Let stand 15 minutes. By this time the fruit will have shrunk; add enough more fruit to fill the jar. Put on a cover; set on a rest in a pan of cold water, heat to the boiling point, 


Sweet Pickled Peaches.

Boil together four pounds sugar and one pint vinegar to twelve pounds of fruit. Add the fruit and let it come to a boil; the next day drain off the liquor and boil again; do this three times and your pickles are delicious; add cinnamon to the liquor and stick two or three cloves in each peach.


Chocolate Candies. Coconut Cream Bars.
Boil three pounds of granulated sugar, one cup of cold water and half a teaspoonful of cream of tartar until thick--or in the "ball" stage. Let cool slightly, then beat until creamy. Have ready a large coconut, grated; mix and stir well, then pour into shallow tins covered with buttered paper. When cold, cut into bars. Let stand a day or two before using.


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